Acne Clear Tips – How to Choose the Right Oily Skin Cleanser

Do you have an excessively oily skin which causes breakouts frequently? This could be one of the causes of acne.

The skin gets oily due to excess production of oil (called sebum) by the oil glands present on the skin. The reason why the oil glands produce more oil can be due to hormonal imbalance as seen during teen age.

There are many reasons why this hormonal imbalance occurs, but the fact is that an oily skin will stop you from being acne clear. Cleansing forms an important part of the process of being acne clear. Cleansing opens the pores and helps the nutrients to penetrate into the skin.

But the oily skin cleanser you choose will determine how effective your cleansing process really is.Since cleansing is going to be a daily routine for preventing breakouts,its best to choose your cleanser with care.There are a few points to remember while you choose your cleanser.

o Your oily skin cleanser should be alcohol free. Many acne sufferers make the mistake of dabbing too much alcohol based products, due to the drying effects of alcohol. But the truth is alcohol will only strip your skin of all the essential oils and will dry it out. Instead of being acne clear you may end up damaging it.

o Always look for a cleanser which removes the excess oil and not all the oil. Your skin does need some natural oil to maintain its proper balance so don’t aim for a cleanser which completely removes all oil and has too much drying effects. Hence the oily skin cleanser should be a gentle one.

o It’s best if the cleanser has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The antibacterial properties will kill the bacteria which worsens the acne and anti-inflammatory property will reduce the acne redness.

Always choose a natural oily skin cleanser, preferably containing tea tree oil or any other natural products. Harsh chemicals will only harm the delicate skin.

Your choice of the cleanser is crucial in being acne clear. There are many cleansers available in the market. You can also try making your own cleanser if you prefer to go the natural way. Even though you may have an oily skin its best to still use a moisturize. As with the cleanser, the moisturizer you choose should be suitable for your skin-type.

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