Melasma Natural Treatment – Get Rid Of Melasma Naturally In a Week Or Less

Melasma Natural treatment can be used to fight off melasma which affects thousands of people across the globe. Women are mostly affected by this skin condition which results in dark spots or patches on the face, and most of them take a serious knock in the self esteem department.

Before you spend another dollar on a lotion or cream that you hope will cure this condition, I am going to give you natural remedies that will cost you next to nothing. These home remedies for melasma will diminish the effects of this condition, and make your skin look more like its natural color, helping you to regain your looks and your confidence.

Here a few ways to treat it naturally in the comfort of your home:

Stay away from sunlight. Exposure of your skin to the sun’s rays is a really bad idea, as it promotes the melanin which will make the condition worse. Always make sure that you are protected, by using a sunscreen that has SPF 30 or above. This way, less melanin will be produced, and your dark spots or patches will not get darker than they are already.

Apply Cocoa butter – Cocoa butter is a herbal remedy that a lot of people know about, and it can help the skin with the discoloration problems when applied.

Onion juice with Apple cider Vinegar – Onion and vinegar are both natural remedies for this condition, and together they are an effective remedy. Blend the onion with the vinegar to make some onion-vinegar juice blend, and apply to the affected areas on your skin. Do not wash it off, just let it air dry.

Lemon juice with Apple cider vinegar – Lemon is known for its powerful bleaching capabilities. Instead of onion juice, you can use lemon juice to mix with apple cider vinegar to get a powerful natural home treatment for your skin problem. You simply mix up the two, and apply on the affected areas.

If you find that you do not have onion or lemon, just mix the apple cider vinegar with equal amounts of water, and apply on your face. It will brighten your brown patches and get you closer to your goal of a great looking skin.

These melasma natural treatments are great because they are extremely cheap and they are effective. Even though they might not remove the discoloration completely, they are a great start in regaining your skin tone and color.

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