Hydroquinone – Why Even Celebrities Use it For Skin Bleaching

Hydroquinone is a solution that is used for skin bleaching. It is mostly used by women who want to bleach away facial imperfections such as freckles and sun spots that can cause an uneven complexion. This solution is used by both younger women who want to get rid of freckles and an uneven skin complexion as well as older women who may want to get rid of sun spots. There are various kits on the market that employ the use of hydroquinone.

Years ago, if someone had sun spots or freckles, they often covered them up with makeup. However, this is pretty ineffective and temporary at best. The freckles would often show through and older women should not wear too much foundation as it tends to accent lines. For this reason, many women switched to hydroquinone to bleach their skin. This allowed the brown spots to go away that tended to interfere with the smooth and even complexion.

You can use hydroquinone by going to a salon or by using creams and solutions that you can use at home. Many women prefer to go to a salon because they have less of a chance of skin damage this way. While skin bleaching is safe to do in moderation, it should not be overdone. This can cause skin damage and more discoloration.

Many celebrities with freckles and uneven skin tone are using hydroquinone to bleach their skin and eliminate freckles. Lindsay Lohan is one who is said to have undergone this treatment. Once a charming redhead with freckles, she transformed herself into being a blond with no freckles. Other older celebrities have undergone this type of treatment as well. Years ago, camera lenses would filter out freckles from viewers but today, stars are using this solution as a way to rid themselves of what they see as an undesirable trait in exchange for an even complexion.

Using hydroquinone to rid yourself of unwanted age spots and freckles is safe in most cases. You may want to try just a bit of the treatment on a small part of your skin to make sure that it does not cause an irritation. This is similar to if you are dying your hair. If you can tolerate the treatment as most people can, then it is safe to use on your skin. It will take a few treatments before you start to notice the brown spots start to fade away and eventually, go away completely. By then you will have what you have searched for by using hydroquinone, which is even toned skin.

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