Do Topical Anti Wrinkle Skin Treatments Really Work?

It seems that that the scientific community will never come to an agreement as to the effectiveness of topical anti wrinkle treatments. Of course plastic surgeons will always insist that paying for their high priced services are the only way to find a solution and other doctors will insist that $400 Botox treatments are your only hope.

Then there are those in the medical and scientific community who steadfastly adhere to the argument that sun damaged skin and skin that has wrinkled as the result of the aging process can not be repaired hence; any treatment simply will not work. The truth of the matter is that not everyone has whatever it takes to have their face “cut loose and peeled back” in a face lift and many just don’t like the “tight unnatural” look that many times results from a face lift.

New Comprehensive research developments have led to a greater understanding of the biological dynamics of aging and sun damaged skin. As a result of this new knowledge, products have been developed that contain active ingredients that while they don’t actually repair damaged and degraded skin they can effectively eliminate the symptoms such as wrinkles and dark spots.

After it was discovered that crows feet aren’t caused by the drying and stretching of skin but rather by the thinning of the dermal epidermal junction in the skins lower substrate, new products were developed to address the thinning of dermal epidermal junction resulting in shallower and shorter crows feet wrinkles.

These new products contain substances that function below the skins surface on a cellular level to encourage fluid retention in this layer of connective tissue and to also stimulate it to produce collagen, which in turn causes it to thicken. The and result is shorter and shallower crows feet wrinkles in the thin delicate skin around the eyes and lips.

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