Herbal Acne Treatment For Clearer Skin

The word acne is much dreaded in the dictionary of the young. Acne is a skin condition generally seen in teenage boys and girls. Girls suffer more than the boys due to this condition. It is however not only the teenagers who suffer from acne. People in their late twenties and thirties also suffer from this skin condition.

The person suffering from acne suffers not only physically but is also psychologically scarred. As medical science evolves companies come up with many medicines and cream which claim to treat acne. But people suffer from the side effects of some of the acne treatments.

Little side effects are a big benefit:

Over the years herbal acne treatment is gaining in popularity. The most attractive feature of herbal treatment for acne is that there are no side effects. All ingredients used are natural. No chemical elements are included so the aspect of side effects is completely eliminated.

Shuddha Guggul is one of the best herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is supposed to have rejuvenating and purifying powers. Neem is another useful herb in treating acne. It has properties that purify your blood. A lot of research has been done on Neem and its properties. The external application of neem helps in curing various skin diseases.

Aloe Vera is yet another herb which is very effective in herbal acne treatment. By using Aloe Vera you can treat your acne and also keep your skin smooth. Dandelion root can help you deal with acne causing bacteria effectively as it has detoxifying qualities.

Burdock root has antibiotic qualities. It helps in getting rid of bacteria and provides you with a soft skin. Tea tree oil is another herb which is found to be effective in treating acne. Tea tree oil also has anti bacterial property. It also helps in reducing inflammation.

Licorice root and its extract have been in use for many years. This root has anti-inflammatory properties that help in clearing acne.

Consider green tea extract:

Using green tea extract has been a popular practice to treat skin ailments over the years. It can clean your face without causing any further damage. Olive leaves extract and olive leaves were used as a medicine in ancient Greek civilization. The ability of olive leaves to combat infection has been very useful in treating acne. Toning is very important for skin. A yellow dock has skin toning effect. It prevents blocking of skin pores.

So the next time you see acne on your face, try out herbal acne treatment. Herbal treatment for acne is less expensive and has no side effects. Keep in mind that herbal treatment is an effective alternative method to treat acne. Many people feel that it is not a regular medicine as its benefits are not scientifically proven. The objections are many but scientists are now looking to make use of the benefits of the wonderful properties of herbal ingredients. As long as herbal treatment works in treating your acne and is easy on your purse why not go for it?

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