Reduce Cellulite With L-Carnitine and Lipotropics

Contrary to popular belief, you can reduce cellulite from your belly, thighs, butt and anywhere else on your body without using creams, wraps, lasers or any other ridiculous forms of cellulite treatment. Naturally reducing cellulite can be accomplished through strategic supplementation and short exercise that actually manipulates the larger fat cells that cause cellulite and creates the “cottage cheese” look.

A scientific, but simple explanation of the fat cell depicts how cellulite is created. With this knowledge, and the correct tools at your disposal, you can easily reduce cellulite from your body for good! You see, cellulite is created when the fat within the cells aren’t able to be “transported” to the Mitochondria within each cell. The Mitochondria is the “furnace” of the cell that allows you to burn off fat at the molecular level. In simple terms, there’s a “door” that separates one side of the fat cell (where fat lives) from the other side where the Mitochondria lives.

This “door” of the fat cell, with the correct nutrients, would generally stay open. Unfortunately, our food supply lacks a lot of nutrients that our bodies need to function properly – including transporting fat to the Mitochondria. The nutrient that opens the fat cell “door” and would allow you to eliminate cellulite is called L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine traditionally comes from grass fed cattle and dairy products, but we no longer consume it in the abundance that we used to. Unfortunately, our body doesn’t have the raw materials to create L-Carnitine on its own so we need to supplement it ourselves.

Now, L-Carntine is only one half of the equation. The other issue is that the fat within these cellulite-inducing cells has been dormant for so long that it’s very, very big and can’t fit through the fat cell “door”. This is what creates the look of cellulite. The fat is pushed to the outer limits of the cell (along with water) and causes the “ripple effect” that you see on your skin. So, how do we get the large fat through the fat cell door? We need to break it down with something called a “Lipotropic”.

Lipotropics are used to break down specific types of molecules. Dish soap is a great example of a lipotropic when its used to break down and clean up grease. If you look at grease under a microscope, it has a huge molecular structure. This is why it sticks to whatever it touches. Dish soap “emulsifies” (breaks it down into smaller parts) the grease so that it can be wiped away. This is what an effective Lipotropic supplement would do with fat in the body. It breaks apart the larger fat molecules so that they can fit through the fat cell door (that was opened by L-Carnitine) and sent to the Mitochondria to be burned. This process is how to reduce cellulite properly.

Now, this newly-accessible fat will only be called upon to be burned if exercise is performed in the correct way. So, we recommend that you perform short, high-intensity exercise in a “fasted state” (empty stomach) while using L-Carntine and Lipotropics. This will ensure that your body does not call upon recently eaten calories for energy, but will immediately go after the smaller fat that’s now able to fit through the fat cell door and reach the Mitochondria to be used as a source of energy. If you follow this unique strategy, you will definitely lose cellulite and be one step closer to your best body and life.

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