Breast Implants – Which Type of Implant to Get

Breast enlargement is one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries in the United States today and is becoming increasingly common in young women who seek to take control of their bodies and enhance their natural shapes. The FDA has approved two main types of implants to be used in this type of plastic surgery: silicone gel implants and saline implants (e.g. a type of salt water).

According to FDA restrictions, silicone gel filled implants are only available to women aged 22 or older for breast augmentation because a woman’s breast tissue continues to develop into her early twenties. Saline implants, on the other hand, are available to any woman 18 or older for augmentation as they are considered to have slightly lower risk compared to those using silicone.

The implant is either inserted under the chest muscle or under the breast tissue depending on the woman’s body type and the size of the implant. Prior to getting plastic surgery, you should consult with your surgeon as to which of these two types of implants would work best for you.

In addition to deciding which type of implant to get, it is also important to consider the cup size you desire. It is crucial you think about what would look best with your body frame, as well as just how big you want to go! Many ladies will bring in pictures of their favorite model or celebrity prior to their plastic surgery to show the ideal size they are aiming for. You can also try on the implants by inserting them in your bra prior to plastic surgery to see what you think looks the best!

You will hear the surgeon discuss breast implants in terms of cc’s or cubic centimeters. This represents the amount of fluid which will go into the implants. For example, about 189 cc of saline is needed to go up one cup size.

However, it is important to note that there is no real formula for how to determine the number of cc’s that is equal to each bra cup size. For one, you have probably noticed that every brand of bra fits you differently as there is no such thing as a “standard size.”

The amount of fluid that is needed in the implant is also determined by your individual chest wall and the amount of breast tissue you have. It is best to discuss with your doctor exactly how many cc’s will be best for you based on your enhancement goals.

The reason many women undergo augmentation is to increase their confidence level and feel better about themselves. It is one way we can empower ourselves to have the sexy body and look the way we have always wanted. Who doesn’t want a sexy, curvy shape especially when wearing a bikini on the beach or low cut tops?

It is important to know the facts about breast enlargement and to do your research prior to having any plastic surgery. Knowing the types of implants and the lingo used is an important step in the process. Overall, having breast implants and feeling good about your body can give you the confidence to say and do what you want to. Why not be the woman you’ve always wanted to be?

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