Breast Implants Are No Longer For the Vain and Shallow

Let’s face it: over the years, there have been a lot of cheap jokes done about breast enlargement surgeries. Any second rate stand-up comic or office cut up has a few boob job jokes. These jokes not only reflected a societal view of breast enhancement but also served to perpetuate a lot of myths about what sort of women get implants. In reality, a wide variety of women today are seeking out breast enlargement surgery for a number of different reasons.

For many women, implants can be a godsend after major surgery. For those women who have lost their breasts due to cancer or traumatic injury, plastic surgeons can restore their chests to their previous appearance. Doctors can even match the new breasts to exactly match the existing ones, restoring a woman’s natural, unaffected look.

For other women, enlargement surgery can augment their natural beauty, creating a more symmetrical, healthy appearance. Hopefully, this kind of procedure will not only enhance how people view their appearance, but will give them a greater sense of confidence in their appearance.

Breast enlargement surgery is in fact a term that describes a variety of procedures that all have the same relative goal. There are a number of different incisions that your doctor may use in the surgery. Depending on the scope and style of the enlargement, the type of incision may very.

Some augmentations will require a simple, discrete incision, while other more in depth augmentations and implants may require a larger incision from which the surgeon can work. Larger incisions may lead to larger scars over time, but a trained surgeon can reduce scarring and choose an incision location that will not be readily apparent.

Breast enlargement surgery begins with a general anesthetic. Once the patient is sedated, the surgeon will make a simple incision under the breast or around the areola. Then, the doctor will insert the device through the incision. The doctor will be able to select the type of device that will best fit the breast without stretching the skin too far.

Part of the negative stigma associated with implants in the past were due to complications with silicone implants. However, today’s plastic surgeons have found a number of different devices that are completely safe and unnoticeable. The most commonly used implant today are saline implants. These devices are totally safe and are very lifelike, creating not only the appearance but feel of real breast tissue.

In addition, surgeons have developed silicone implants that are much safer than those used in previous generations but have the added benefit of being even more lifelike than saline implants. In consultation with your doctor, you can pick the implant that best suits your needs while guaranteeing your long term safety and health.

After the surgery is completed, the incised areas will experience tenderness, inflammation and swelling. Your surgeon will most likely schedule a few follow up appointments to make sure you are healing properly. Your results will become more apparent after a few months of recovery. No matter what decision you make about breast enlargement surgery, it’s important to put behind the jokes of yesterday and live in the reality of today’s modern world, where implants can help any number of women.

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